Water activities on the West Highland Peninsulas

Images on this page courtesy of Otter Adventures - www.otter-adventures.co.uk

The West Highland Peninsulas has around 230 miles of contrasting coastline made up of rocky shoreline, pristine beaches, beautiful sea lochs and stunning freshwater lochs that a provide visitors with opportunities to do a whole host of things either on, in or by the water.

Our 230 miles of coastline is going to take you quite a time to explore.

On your journey you will discover golden sandy beaches to rival the best in the UK, bays with significant historical interest, the rocky headland of the most westerly point on mainland UK and islands of all sizes and shapes dotted across the region.

Add in iconic freshwater lochs and too many mountain lochans to count, and then no matter whether you prefer to be in, on or under the water, you will always be discovering something exciting.

  • Exploring the coastline by sea kayak or open canoe brings a new perspective.
  • Open waters swimmers will be in heaven every day.
  • SCUBA divers can investigate historical wrecks and protected reefs.
  • Wildlife watches can explore two Marine Protected Areas.
  • Families and beach lovers will find space to unwind and escape.

Each region has a different feel to it – Ardnamurchan is renowned for its beaches, Morvern for its mountains by the sea and Sunart for its sheltered waters and wildlife.

How will you explore this magical kingdom on your visit?