Walking on the West Highland Peninsulas

Images on this page courtesy of Otter Adventures - www.otter-adventures.co.uk

The Peninsulas offer a variety of opportunities for walkers, ranging from easy routes that families can enjoy together, through to more challenging mountain routes for the more adventurous to follow.

When it comes to walking, one of the beauties of the West Highland Peninsulas is that there are no ‘Munros’ – our highest mountain, Sgùrr Dhomhnuill, falls just 26m short but more than rivals the challenges of many higher peaks.

As there are no Munros, our mountains are much quieter and in a more pristine condition. With the Great Ridge of Garbh Bheinn and more remote peaks of Ardgour in the east, to the more rounded Rois-Bheinn in the west, and smaller peaks of Morven, there are many ‘Corbetts’ to discover.

There is even more to discover without heading into these rocky mountains – family walks around the ancient Ariundle Oakwoods, ancient settlements at Camas nan Geal, deserted townships such as Aoinidh Mhoir.

Children will love the ‘squeaking’ from Singing Sands, geologists can be astonished as they walk the lip of an ancient volcano on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, fossil hunters can search for gryphaea (Devil’s toenails) in Morvern, and archaeologists will discover ruins and sites across the peninsulas, including the site of a fully intact Viking burial boat.

Wherever you explore, there is so much to discover. So take your time and get to know the varying landscapes of the region.